Healing the Root Chakra

Before discovering how to begin healing your root chakra it’s important to know what it is and where it is located. Your Muladhara, or root chakra is located right where your tailbone ends, at the base of your spine. Understand that your root chakra is not something you can physically see, but a place in your body that circulates energy.

The power for your entire chakra system emanates from the root chakra. If this chakra is closed or is not completely opened it will be extremely difficult to access any of the other chakras. In this article you will learn what the root chakra does, how it works and how to heal (or open it).

What is the Root Chakra?

Also known as the base chakra, Muladhara deals with survival and your connection to the earth. The root chakra gains power from your family structure. If you are part of a broken family structure, this will often result in a weak root chakra. Dysfunctional families that are disconnected from and no longer trust each other will lose the ability to connect with and trust others as well.

This can cause lifelong problems. In order to heal this chakra the family structure is critically important. The Root chakra also deals with your confidence and self esteem, which is formed at a very young age. The physical areas of the body that are connected to and affected by this chakra are the bones and teeth, prostate, the bladder and your lower extremities.

This chakra represents survival instinct, money, home and security. It deals with the connection to your human mother and mother earth as well as the connection to your physical body. If any of these are not being satisfied a disconnect from the other chakras will take place, causing the flow of energy in your body to be blocked. This blocked energy can manifest itself in physical symptoms, that will effect you.

How to Begin Healing the Root Chakra

The first thing you need to do, is meditate to re-affirm the feeling of being grounded. Some experts say during meditation, you should imagine roots coming from the earth and connection to the base of your body. The earth has healing properties, in times of stress and turmoil, placing trust in the mother earth can empower you to push through. Mediation can teach you to care and love yourself, which heals your root chakra when it has become disconnected. The more you develop this, the more you can love yourself and others.You will now know that whatever goes wrong your base will be able to handle it. In other words, trust is the number one focus of this chakra.

Through use of music this chakra can regain power, using certain chants and vocal rhythms designed to help reinforce it. In time the, Muladhara will begin to heal itself, and as it does the other chakras will be able to gain power from it. The confidence given through the reconnection of it, is transferred to the sacral chakra and up to the very top of the head.

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