Healing the Root Chakra

Before discovering how to begin healing your root chakra it’s important to know what it is and where it is located. Your Muladhara, or root chakra is located right where your tailbone ends, at the base of your spine. Understand … Continue reading

Svadhisthana- The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, is strongly related to sexuality and  feeling. Located in the sacrum, it rules over reproductive cycles but also the areas of desire, creativity, joy, and zeal. An open sacral chakra permits your feelings … Continue reading

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated with many emotions, including happiness, respect, joy, compassion, generosity, understanding, as well as loving oneself. More importantly, The Heart Chakra happens to be the center from which feelings of love emanate. This chakra is what … Continue reading

Opening The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, located above the neck collar bone. This chakra is most commonly associated with the thyroid gland. A person must maintain a healthy throat area in order to allow fluent, honest, verbal expression of … Continue reading

Activating the Navel Chakra

The navel chakra is located in the navel at the base of the ribcage. This third chakra is strongly connected to sense of the self and will power. In other words, this is where one’s personal limits are set. The … Continue reading